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Interlibrary Loans: Making ILL Request

How do I request items from ILL using Tipasa?

How do I request items from ILL?

Log in to your ILL account using your A&M-Central Texas username (full email) and password, select the appropriate request form (book, article, etc.), fill in your citation information, and click "Submit."

Journal Articles:
Option 1: If you are searching within WarriorQuest or Journal Search and the University Library does not have electronic access, then you will be prompted to "Request this item through interlibrary loan." Click on the link and the item information will be auto-filled into the corresponding citation fields for you.

Option 2: If you find an article through eJournals (Journals by Title), through a database search, or Google Scholar you can still request the article by logging in to your ILL account and selecting the "Article" request form. Manually fill out the citation information and click "Submit."

You may check the status of your requests by logging in to your account.

Books, Media, etc.

All other materials: Search for physical items (books, DVDs, etc.) using the University Library catalog. If the library does not own the item that you need, search the WorldCat Database or FirstSearch. You can access the book request form directly by clicking here or all other requests by clicking here.

Good citations produce faster processing times. Please contact the University Library Reference providers through the Ask the Library service for assistance.

What does the "Status" of my request mean?

  • Awaiting Extensive Searching - The item could not be located using our usual interlibrary loan tools. Library staff have set it aside for further investigation.
  • Awaiting Request Processing - The request has been submitted and is waiting for ILL staff to process it and request it from another library.
  • Cancelled by Customer - The customer has requested that this item be cancelled.
  • Cancelled by ILL Staff - All cancelled requests end up at this status (even if they were originally cancelled by the customer). See the "Reason for Cancellation" to determine why the request was cancelled. Usually requests are cancelled because they are available in the Kresge Library.
  • Checked Out to Customer - This status means that you have checked out a book from the ILL office. It is important that ILL books be returned by the due date because the lending library may suspend our borrowing privileges if we return books late.
  • Customer Notified via E-Mail - You have been sent an E-Mail telling you that an article or book is waiting for you in the Library. Articles are available in the Pick Up box, and books are available in the ILL office.
  • Customer Notified via Phone - You have received a phone call telling you that an article or book is waiting for you in the Library. Articles are available in the Pick Up box, and books are available in the ILL office.
  • Delivered to Web - These articles can be downloaded as PDFs by clicking on Electronically Received Articles from the View menu.
  • Request Finished - Once an article request has been delivered to you, or a book request has been returned to the lending library, the request goes to "Request Finished" status. If you have not yet received the item, it may be on its way to you via campus mail.
  • Request in Processing - ILL Staff are working on your request.
  • Request Sent - The request has been sent to another library. We have not yet received the item from the lending library.
  • Submitted - Your request has been submitted and is awaiting processing.
  • Unknown - You will see this status immediately after making a request, but it will soon change to "Submitted" while it waits in the queue.

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