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Center for Faculty Engagement (CFE): Quality Matters (QM)

Quality Matters

The Quality Matters Program

Quality Matters Logo

Texas A&M University-Central Texas is committed to the implementation of Quality Matters standards for the design of online and blended/hybrid courses. We and we build and evaluate our courses based on the rigorous, research-based Quality Matters (Links to an external site.) (QM) standards. The QM standards assure that the online components of these courses promote learner engagement and provide students with all the tools and information they need to be successful learners.

As part of the Texas A&M University System Quality Matters Consortium (Links to an external site.), A&M-Central Texas has adopted an internal review process for online and blended courses that adheres to the guidelines established by Quality Matters (QM).

Texas A&M Quality Assurance

Benefits for A&M-Central Texas

The Quality Matters Program benefits both individual faculty members and our institution in the following ways:

  • Improved student learning outcomes and retention
  • Adoption of a systematic quality assurance process that includes faculty training, course development, and course revisions that are aligned with accreditation standards
  • Incorporation of new technologies and research findings

Student Benefits

A course that meets QM standards provides the students with assurance that the course has been planned, developed, and designed with all components to make his or her learning experience a success. As more courses meet QM standards, the student will become more confident and will become motivated to enroll in more online courses.

Faculty Benefits

TAMUCT maintains the requirement for all faculty members to maintain proficiency in online teaching and, thus, requires professional development training in online teaching, teaching methods, and online course design. 

A course that meets QM standards provides the faculty member with a course whose principal components are in “alignment” with each other (objectives, activities, resources, and assessments) and which is supported by best practices as identified in the literature. Faculty members will have an opportunity to participate in professional development workshops on how to apply the QM rubric and build or improve their online course. The course developer will be an integral part of the internal review process with shared responsibility and ownership. QM influence on hybrid and blended courses is also likely to occur.

More information can be found in the Canvas communities: Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, and the Provost’s Resources for Faculty.

Internal Peer Review Process

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) and Technology Enhance Learning (TEL) will oversee Internal Reviews of online and blended courses*. This process adheres to the guidelines established by QM.


For more information about QM and to prepare your course for an Internal Review complete a request for an “Instructional Design & Technology Consultation” through the Request TEL Support link in the TEL Canvas community.

*If you are a member of the College of Business Administration, see the COBA QM (Links to an external site.) webpage for college-specific information.

Internal Peer Review Process

As part of the Texas A&M University System Quality Matters Consortium (Links to an external site.), A&M-Central Texas has adopted an internal review process for online and blended courses that adheres to the guidelines established by Quality Matters (QM). The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) and Technology Enhance Learning (TEL) oversee Internal Reviews of online and blended courses, in a process that adheres to the guidelines established by QM.

If the course meets the QM Standards, the course will achieve the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) Quality Assurance/QM Essentials certification mark (shown above), and can be recognized on the university website (in progress). This review process is intended to foster a culture of quality assurance and continuous improvement of online and blended courses.

Once a course has met the QM Standards, the TAMUS QA/QM certification holds for five years. Courses that have undergone significant revision prior to their five-year anniversary require recertification sooner.

Review team members:

  • Dr. Lisa Bunkowski (QM Master Reviewer and certified Course Review Manager)
  • Dr. Homayra Moghadasian (QM Master Reviewer)
  • Ms. Laresa Trusty (completed APPQMR, PRC, and current Rubric Update; QM Higher Education Instructional Designer Association member)

Faculty review team members (2018-2019):

    • Dr. Coady Lapierre, COE (completed APPQMR, PRC)
    • Dr. Allen Redmon, COAS (IYOC, APPQMR, current Rubric Update)

Faculty and Courses (2018-2019):

Since the implementation of the A&M-Central Texas internal review process in early 2019, the follow faculty members's courses have successfully met the QM Standards:

Dr. Ryan Bayless:

    • ENGL 4319, African American Literature;
    • FA 4301, The Arts in Contemporary Society;
    • FA 4311 The Protest Song;
    • FA 4321, The Artist on Film

Dr. Amber Dunai

    • ENGL 3306, Readings in Adolescent Literature
    • ENGL 3320 Advanced Grammars
    • ENGL 3372, Sociolinguistics
    • ENGL 3374, Psycholinguistics
    • ENGL 4300, Shakespeare
    • ENGL 4388, Shakespeare on Film 

Dr. Luke Nichter

    • HIST 3361 History and Film
    • HIST 4310 Recent U.S. History, 1914 to the Present
    • HIST 4389, The Revolutionary 1960s
    • HIST 4389, Persian Gulf Wars

Dr. Andria Schwegler

    • PSYC 4435, Principles of Research for the Behavioral Sciences

QM Honors, Research, Grants, & Awards


  • Dr. Barb Altman (COBA) is currently a QM Research Fellow, and new member of the Quality Matters Academic Advisory Council


  • QM-Related publications by A&M-Central Texas faculty: [currently being updated]


  • 2013 Quality Matters Grant Recipients. Project Title:  Analyzing Predictors of Faculty Behavior to Engage in Peer Review
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. Barb Altman. Fellow Investigators: Dr. Andria Schwegler, Dr. Lisa Bunkowski, and Dr. Yakut Gazi.


  • Texas A&M University-Central Texas was honored to receive the 2013 "Making a Difference for Students" award from the Quality Matters (QM) Program at their annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The University was recognized for its achievement in implementing QM standards, while reinventing the campus as a new member of The Texas A&M University System, providing online courses for all students.

Link to the page here!

"Building a HyFlex Course to Support Student Success," a presentation by Wendy Tietz.

Click on the triangular button at the center of the video to play. For full screen, click on the box in the lower right hand side of the viewer.

In this presentation, Dr. Tietz, who earned QM Certification for the online portion of a HyFlex course and has taught using the HyFlex format for a decade, will:

  • Define and describe the HyFlex course modality, including how to determine if it is the best fit for you
  • Share how to create engaging activities and lessons for HyFlex courses, regardless of class size
  • Identify potential issues and barriers in HyFlex design and teaching and address them with proactive development strategies

Also, click the link below to see more webinars from Quality Matters!