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Reference Services: Collection Development

Collection Development Overview

The University Library breaks its annual collection budget down into three categories: faculty requests, one-time purchases, and subscriptions.

Faculty Requests: The library dedicates a portion of its budget annually to faculty requests. This helps us to ensure that our collection adequately supports research assigned in faculty courses, as well as the ongoing research of faculty themselves. We send out a monthly list of resources to faculty by subject to encourage these requests, and actively solicit input from faculty regarding our library collection in their area of expertise. 

One-Time Purchases: The library spends part of the budget on one-time purchases of items that have enduring value to the collection. These items may include books, databases, textbooks, videos, or other resources. Librarians assigned as liaisons to specific subjects are charged with spending funds on these items and managing the overall collections for these areas. 

Subscriptions: The library places the largest segment of the budget into annual subscription costs. These are mostly electronic, though a limited number of print subscriptions are also available. Most subscriptions renew annually. As a result, each year, the library goes through a renewal and trial period in February and March, where students, faculty, and staff are invited to provide input about current subscriptions and those that they would like to see added. The library also gives patrons the ability to try out databases that are being considered. 

Questions or Concerns? Please contact Dawn Harris (, our Collection Development Librarian. 

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