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Helpful Tutorials: Best Practices for Searching Everything (WarriorQuest)

What's Included in Search Everything

This is a diagram illustrating what is included in a "Search Everything" search: the library catalog (books, DVDs, audiobooks, etc.); ebooks; many of our library database; and some of our archives.  Please see the lists of databases and video platforms not included in the Search Everything Search.  

Guide to using the Search Everything box

What is this tool and what does it do?

  • This allows you to begin research with no need to select a specific database or subject category to get started
  • Find a wide variety of resource types with one search.  It is a good way to begin searching for a topic.  

What is covered by this tool?

A large portion (but not all) of the University Libraries' electronic subscription services, which contain:

  • articles (journal, magazine, newspaper, etc.)
  • e-books
  • conference proceedings
  • materials that are in the library catalog including books, DVDs, and audiobooks.

What isn't covered?

  • Some of the electronic databases that the University Library subscribes to.  This includes many of the ProQuest resources as they are not a partner of EBSCO.   See the tab on the left for a complete list of databases that are not covered.

Does this tool offer "one stop shopping?"

This tool searches a large portion of the library's electronic collections, but not everything.  It's quick and efficient, but depending on your topic, it may not offer you the level of search sophistication you need. Besides using this tool, it might be worthwhile to supplement your research in some of the following ways:

  • Use Books and Media to find print books, more ebooks, media, etc. and items from our library catalog
  • Use Journals tab to search for a specific journal - both print and electronic.
  • Use the Databases tab to find our list of specialized, subject-specific databases 
  • Use the Reserves and Textbook link in Quick Links to find items that your professor put on reserve - both electronic and print.
  • Use Research Guides tab to get librarian-recommended databases, journals, encyclopaedias, statistical sources, and other specialized research materials in your field
  • Use Help with Research tab to get help via email, chat, or phone, and make a virtual or in person appointment if you need help on finding research materials on your topic

What is not included in Search Everything (WarriorQuest)

The following databases are not included in the Search Everything (WarriorQuest) box.  You will have to search these individually.  Many of them are ProQuest resources.  A list of all databases can be found here.  

Streaming video platforms not included in Search Everything

The following video platforms are not included in the Search Everything (WarriorQuest) box.  You will have to search these individually.  These platforms are Alexander Street videos (Academic Video Online); Kanopy; Sage Videos; and Swank.

Looking for subject-specific videos? Check out the list below: