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EDUC 3330 Professional Development II: Effective Instruction: Home

Textbooks for this Course

Effective Instruction Journals

APA Resources

A collection of links to help you with APA. 

Researching Effective Instruction

Recentrelevant, and reliable databasesbooksjournals, and internet tools are important to academic research. 

Books: Starting with a few good books about your topic will help you enter into the conversation. Books also contain bibliographies you can use to identify key scholarship. Find books through WarriorCat

Peer-Reviewed Journal ArticlesJournal articles are the primary method of diseminating new research in education. Peer-review is the process of maintaing reliability by asking specialists to review articles before they are published. 

Internet Resources: Reliable online tools can be very helpful, such as specialized searches like Google Scholar. Make sure you consider whether or not you can trust resources before you use them. 

Our Elementary EducationSecondary Education, or Children's and Young Adult Literature LibGuides will give you some more research clues. 

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Recommended Databases for Effective Instruction

 The following databases are useful for researching education:

Books for Effective Instruction

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Live Research Help


A collection of links to help you with composing your writing. 


A collection of links to help you with grammar.