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Children's Genre List for Teacher Education: Home

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If you want to search the catalog for any of these types of books, you will have to use search terms that are different from the name of the genre.  In order to get a list that only includes children’s and young adult books, you may want include the word “juvenile” in your search terms or use the “Advanced Search” and select “Children’s Area” in the “Location” box.   In some cases, you may want to include nouns or names of people or things in your search terms.


Find other good recommendations by using Book Connections! (Hint: You can limit results by using the "genre" and "grade level" filter option on the left side of that website. If you are starting from the homepage, the filtering choices should appear after you do a search.)


This Research Guide contains links to lists of titles for specific genres used by students in the Education Department.  These lists are provided to help the student find and recognize an example of a particular type of book as assigned by their instructor.  These lists may not contain all the books that the library owns in each genre.  By finding and reviewing a title in each of the lists, you will be better able to recognize other titles of the same type.   As you click on the tabs above, you will find helpful hints for searching the catalog for each type of book.

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