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Library Tutorials for Faculty: Videos and Links


Hello faculty! The tutorials shared below can be assigned within your classes to help teach or reinforce research and writing concepts. Specifically, we have tutorials on these topics:

  1. Video Tutorials on Academic Research
  2. Web Literacy
  3. Finding Scholarly Sources
  4. Evaluating Sources
  5. Using the University Library Website
  6. Citation/Writing Guides
  7. Help with Specific Research Assignment Types
  8. Course-Specific Tutorials (We can make custom tutorials for you!)

Reach out to Kelly Williams, Michelle Shea, or Margaret Dawson for tutorial creation or instruction assistance!

Video Tutorials on Academic Research

Web Literacy

Finding Sources Using University Library Resources

Identifying and Evaluating Sources

Using University Library Webpages

Citation Help

Help with Research Assignments

Course-Specific Tutorials

Live Research Help