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Circulation Services: E-Reserves

Library Contact Information

Warrior Hall University Library

Phone: (254) 519-5798

Address: 1001 Leadership Place, Killeen, Texas 76549


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EWCHEC Library Extension

Phone: (512) 759-5930

Address: 1600 Innovation Blvd., Hutto, Texas, 78634

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E-Reserves Tutorial

Still need help?  Here is an E-Reserve Tutorial!

E-Reserves Information for Students

E-reserves are online materials that faculty members have asked the library to make available to students. The library reviews this material to make sure it is in copyright and accessibility compliance. We then provide a secure way for students in the specified course to access these materials.
If your professor has placed material on reserve electronically, they will provide the password and access link for you. Only students in the designated course may access e-reserve materials. 
E-reserve material can only be accessed during the period of time that it is required for a course. Access to the e-reserves page for a course is discontinued at the end of the semester during which the course is taught. Students who receive an incomplete must contact the library if access to e-reserve material from prior semesters is required. 
Still need help?  Visit the E-Reserve Tutorial!
Questions or Concerns? For help accessing e-reserves, please contact Lisa Hopkins ( or (254) 519-5755; or Dawndrea Casey ( or (254) 519-5729.

E-Reserves Information for Faculty

E-reserves are a convenient way for faculty to make resources available to their students electronically. E-reserves can be requested online. Faculty who wish to place an e-reserves request should use the request form in the column to the left. After the request has been submitted, the library will review it.

E-Reserve materials are processed in the order received and as quickly as possible.  Priority will also be given to assignments occurring earlier in the semester. Please submit e-reserve requests at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester or two weeks before students will need access to them. Please allow a minimum of 7 to 10 working days, particularly at the beginning of each semester.

All e-reserves must be in copyright and accessibility compliance. Access information may only be given to students in the course for which the material has been approved. Sharing access information with any individual outside of this course may result in a violation of copyright law. 

Questions or Concerns? For help placing e-reserves, please contact Lisa Hopkins ( or (254) 519-5755; or Dawndrea Casey ( or (254) 519-5729.

Electronic Reserves Guidelines