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Reference Services: Library Class Instruction

Library Instruction Sessions

Our library works hard to ensure that faculty, students, and community groups can receive the instruction they require to effectively use our library. We are happy to work with other departments in the University and with community groups to tailor these instruction session to specific needs and situations.  

Embedded Librarians: TAMUCT subject specialists who work directly with a class to assist students locate, evaluate and utilize information along with developing information literacy skills. Among the many informational skills provided through the program are: awareness of library databases, e-books, and services; location of credible web sources; identifying keywords and search terms for student research; proficient usage of the online library catalog and webpage. The embedded librarian as a member of the class has a direct connection to the class research goals, along with assisting with more in depth needs. The embedded librarians can assist student analysis and use of library resources during a course or just when needed time frame.   

Here are the steps for faculty to request an embedded librarian:

  1. Share the TeamDynamix Portal link with your department chair.
  2. Ask them to Submit a Ticket (or click on the Services tab for the same list of options).
  3.  On the Categories page, they can select the Canvas & Online Learning category.
  4. Scroll down to Services and select the Embedded Librarian/Internal Observer Request option.
  5. Click the red button that says "Request Embedded Librarian or Faculty Observer" and complete the form.


Class Instruction at the Library: The library offers class instruction that may cover many topics, including advanced research, plagiarism, citation, and other topics identified by faculty. On campus, these will include a library tour. Though we have a basic instruction session that we can give to any class group, we are happy to tailor this session to faculty needs. We are especially interested in ways that we can work with faculty in specific subject areas to create progressive instruction sessions for a series of courses in a major.   

Class Instruction Online: For those who teach primarily online, we offer the same class instruction options online through WebEx as we do on campus.

Library Tours: The library is happy to offer tours for all sorts of users, including faculty, students, staff, and community members. 

Group and Community Instruction: We are happy to provide library instruction or other types of presentations to student, faculty, or community groups. We are particularly pleased to offer instruction for school groups. 

Questions or Concerns? Please contact Margaret Dawson (, our Outreach & Instruction Librarian. 

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