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About the Library

The A&M-Central Texas University Library exists to support our patrons. With that goal in mind, we offer a variety of services and materials for students, alumni, and community members. For your convenience, the library’s collection includes access to nearly 600,000 print and digital books, and over 113,000 print and digital periodicals. We also have a media collection, including both academic and popular films. We even have a juvenile section, containing over 11,000 items, so bring your kids to browse with you.


We would love to help you complete your class assignment! Our reference librarians are already familiar with research expectations for many of the university’s classroom assignments. They can teach you to do research within the library’s system (or the wider Internet) like a pro. They can also teach you proper methods for supporting your work and citing your sources. Schedule an appointment or just drop by the reference desk for assistance.


We also offer Internet access for students, faculty, and staff, computer workstations, private study rooms, relaxation areas, and a family zone where parents can use workspaces or computers while accompanied by their children. Need to borrow a digital photography kit? We have those—and a variety of other media and technology kits as well. In addition, every A&M-Central Texas student receives a $45 printing credit at the library each semester. Come in and take advantage of it by using our cloud-based printers to print your assignments.


Take a moment to browse our site to learn about more of the many items and services that the A&M-Central Texas University Library provides. If you have questions, we are here to help. You can call us or initiate an online chat.


The University Library in Warrior Hall

The University Library opened on July 16, 2014, and occupies space on the first and second floor of Warrior Hall. The main entrance to the library is on the first floor, just inside the building’s main entrance. The circulation and reference desks are both located on the first floor, just inside the front doors. Patrons can access the second floor of the library via the main stairwell (located within the library) or the second-floor entrance, located near Warrior Hall’s second-floor elevators. The library’s administrative offices occupy a portion of the second-floor, adjacent to the library facility.


The library’s collections occupy space on both floors of the facility, and seating areas and workspaces are available throughout the library. Private study rooms on the first floor of the library are available by appointment. Private study rooms on the second floor are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students can utilize desktop computers on either floor of the library (PC and Mac on the first floor, only PC on the second floor). They can also check out laptops and digital tablets for in-library use. Public-access computers are available in a designated area of the first floor, and non-student patrons are welcome to utilize them. Access to these computers requires a pass, which patrons can obtain by presenting proof of identification at the circulation desk and filling out a short form.


The first floor of the A&M-Central Texas University Library is not a quiet space, allowing for collaborative work and discussion, but students who prefer a quiet workspace may work on the second floor. In addition to limiting discussion on this floor, the library provides white noise machines to muffle sounds in study rooms.


A family study space is located on the first floor of the library. This space was created to allow A&M-Central Texas students to use library space or computers when accompanied by their children. The space contains child-friendly seating and a variety of items to keep children occupied (such as coloring books and puzzles.) Though children under 18 years of age are not allowed to use the area’s desktop computers, parents can check out special iPads and headphones for their children to use within the library. Children are also encouraged to browse the juvenile and young adult book section. Non-student patrons may also bring their children in to use the kid book collection.


For more information about the Warrior Hall Library, please visit our webpage about the collections and services housed there. 


The University Archives in Heritage Hall

The University Archives serves as the official repository for records of the university and the gateway to its past. Dedicated to preserving the history of our institution and its surrounding communities, the mission of the archives is to identify, acquire, manage, and preserve records of enduring value and make them available for public use. Also included in the archives are materials from the Central Texas Historical Archive, managed by the College of Arts and Sciences. Dedicated to preserving the political, foreign policy, and military history of the Cold War Era at home and abroad, these collections are of both regional and national interest. The physical archives is located in The Beck Family Heritage Hall on the A&M-Central Texas campus. All materials are available by appointment only and must be used on-site.

For more information about the University Archives, please visit its website


EWCHEC Library in Hutto, Texas

The EWCHEC library is located on the first floor of the East Williamson County Education Center, near the center’s café and bookstore. Though the extension is operated by the Temple College Library, A&M-Central Texas students who attend classes at EWCHEC are welcome to use the facility. In addition, all A&M-Central Texas students, faculty, and staff can pick up resources from the main library in Warrior Hall at the EWCHEC facility by request. This library provides students with access to computers, private study rooms, digital materials, and a small collection of physical materials.


For more information about the EWCHEC library, please visit its website

Contact the Library

Address: Warrior Hall, 1001 Leadership Place, Killeen, Texas


Phone: 254-519-5798


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