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Classic University Library: About

About the Library

  • University Library: Find out information about the University Library collections, statistics, staff, and committees. 
  • Warrior Hall: Read about all the services and collections offered through our main library location at Warrior Hall. 
  • Online Research: Discover what is available through the library online, including 24X7 reference help, digital collections, and research tutorials.  
  • University Archives: Never heard of the University Archives? Get information about the rare collections held at the library, featuring information about the history of the University. 
  • East Williamson County Higher Education Center: EWCHEC is in Hutto, and the library works with Temple College to provide services onsite through their library. Explore the services that we make available via this partnership. 
  • Library Staff: Contact information for library staff. 
  • WarriorConnect: The University Library also has resources available through a partnership with Killeen Public Library. These resources are outlined, including options for Killeen Public Library members to use the print collection here at the Library. 
  • Reference Services: This area of the library encompasses all of the research assistance available, provided by our reference librarians. These include chat, face-to-face help, and online tutorials. 
  • Circulation Services: Circulation handles interlibrary loan, the checking-in and out of materials, renewals, holds, reserves, lamination, die cuts, student technology, binding, copying, and many other services. 
  • Technical Services: The processing, cataloging, and acquisition of new materials occurs in the Technical Services area of the library. Technical Services also manages the online catalog, University Archives, and the digital library. 
  • Administrative Services: The administrative staff at the library pay invoices, track contracts and licenses, manage library records, and do other tasks related to the day-to-day functioning of the library. 
  • Children and Young Adult Collection: In support of our education program and our outreach services to the greater Central Texas community, the library has a large collection of juvenile and young adult titles located near the front of our facility. 
  • Textbook Collections: The library offers copies of most textbooks used in TAMUCT courses, which must be kept in-house. The library also offers copies of some textbooks used in the local elementary, middle, and high schools.  

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